Let’s connect mind, body, and emotions

A bridge for transformation

Integrative coaching is a new model where a transformation is promoted, leading us to much more organic and lasting well-being.

Integrative therapy programs

Integrative Model

It is made up of 4 fundamental pillars: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual. We will explore each of them to finally put them together, since the…

You can choose 5 or 10 one-to-one online coaching sessions + 1 pro-bono + 1 PDF questionnaire that will help you clarify your real needs and values.

By addressing these 4 domains systematically, you can create synergistic energy to propel your life forward.

5 sessions + 1 pro-bonus: 288 Euros
10 sessions + 1 pro-bonus: 450 Euros

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Relationships & Emotional Agility

This model consists of 10 online sessions, one on one + 1 pro-bono. In them, I will help you discover what is stopping you from creating…

Why do we attract certain people and situations to our lives?

What are the emotional triggers that occur in your relationships?

What role do emotions play?

10 sesiones + 1 pro-bono: 495 Euros

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Corporate Wellbeing Hub

Corporate Holistic-Wellbeing Hub develops Wellbeing workshops for your organization; suitable for small, medium and large businesses. They are based on mindfulness and transpersonal phycology approaches. But…

Are you thinking about a Wellbeing focus for your workplace but not sure where to start?

Remember- Your organization is only as healthy as the team that makes it up!

Price: Contact me, and we will start now!

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One Time private sesión

One on one session in which through the great technique of Open Awareness, you will take perspective on what you need to solve in your life.…

I will assist you in taking enough perspective from where you will find your own answers and inspiration.

Book your liminal space now!

1 hour and a half: 70 Euros

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4 pillars that will increase your quality of life



You will earn a greater
psychological stability:
Less stress and Anxiety



Will increase a lot
your flexibility and you will tone
your body. Your body has the answersº


Will increase your
mental clarity



You will find your
purpose of life

Let them tell you their experience

Free yourself from limiting beliefs, and be the authentic maker of your Life.

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