Tools and approaches

Breathing Exercises for Transformation

This course is based on mindfulness techniques and pranayamas used in the practice of yoga. It is made up of:

  • Three practical videos.
  • A PDF with a detailed explanation of how to do each of them and their incredible benefits.

Breathing is more than life for your cells; it will become one of the most significant sources of the emotional support!

Price: 20 Euros

Who is it for

For those who want to find a useful, practical, and conscious way to regulate their emotions; and get to know themselves much better.

For those who want to create an organic and natural inner wellbeing.

What will you learn

To use the most useful and organic resource that is always at your disposal through three practical and straightforward breathing techniques:


Conscious Breathing


Ocean Breathing (Ujjayi)


Alternate Nasal Breathing (Nadi Shuddhi)


  • You will get out of states of anxiety and stress more efficiently.
  • You will sleep better, and your sleep quality will increase.
  • You will find more balance and mental clarity.
  • You will promote your self-knowledge, connecting in a more conscious way with what happens inside you and why it happens.
  • You will improve your lung capacity and blood pressure.

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