Corporate Holistic-Wellbeing Hub develops Wellbeing workshops for your organization; suitable for small, medium and large businesses. They are based on mindfulness and transpersonal phycology approaches. But also, they are always flexible to be customized according to the needs of your company!

Are you thinking about a Wellbeing focus for your workplace but not sure where to start?

Remember- Your organization is only as healthy as the team that makes it up!

Price: Contact me, and we will start now!

Who is it for?

It is for small, medium, and large companies that want to implement a culture of wellbeing in the workplace.

What will you learn

The importance of a holistic approach for a lasting and authentic wellbeing:


Breathing Techniques


Gentle Yoga movements for Everyone


Mindful Techniques; Open Awareness


Emotional management skills


  • Promotes the balance between Professional and Personal life.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Increases engagement and commitment to the Company.
  • Prevents Burnout.

Let them tell you their experience

Free yourself from limited perceptions
and be the authentic maker of your life!!