Tools and approaches

Open Awareness (OA)

Free Yourself from limiting Beliefs

This transformative crash course is made up of:

  • 30-minute video led by Open Awareness specialist Rachel Basset
  • A Workbook.

Any belief, regardless of how true it is, guides our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors on a daily basis. Thus, I like to help you to dis-identify from aspects of yourself which have the potential to limit you. Through the powerful tool of Open Awareness, you will des-identify from any limiting belief you may have about yourself.

Price: 17 Euros

Who is it for

If you have an area of your life that displeases you and you’re not actively doing something to repair it, then it’s a pretty good bet that you have a limiting belief.

For those who have already detected an unwanted pattern that repeating in any area of ​​their life.

What will you learn

The powerful tool of Open Awareness.


To unveil unconscious beliefs that are limiting you.


To create a perspective on the map of your reality.


To re-signify events that have occurred in your life.


  • Free yourself from limiting perceptions
  • Release the energy charge attached to heavy emotions.
  • Enhance intuition and a sense of interconnection.
  • Shift old perceptions followed by repetitive patterns, overcoming inner blocks

Let them tell you their experience

If your beliefs change, your life change!

Are you ready to get enough perspective through the Open Awareness tool?