Relationships & Emotional Agility

This model consists of 10 online sessions, one on one + 1 pro-bono. In them, I will help you discover what is stopping you from creating healthy relationships in any area of ​​your life that you need.  There is nothing we can change if we did not first discover what is preventing that change! This model intends to provide you with a practical and innovative way of establishing healthy relationships in your life.

It will also teach you to be more flexible with your thoughts and emotions so that you will respond optimally to everyday situations- is key to your well-being and success.

Why do we attract certain people and situations to our lives?

What are the emotional triggers that occur in your relationships?

What role do emotions play?

10 sesiones + 1 pro-bono: 495 Euros

Who is it for?

  • For all those who want to improve their personal and professional relationships.
  • For all those who want to learn to manage their emotions wisely
  • To help you undo old repetitive patterns in your relationships.

What you will learn


You will learn through your breathing to identify and modify your emotional and energetic inner state.


You will learn to track the sensations in your body.


You will learn to manage your emotions wisely


You will learn in an organic way to get out of relationships that do not work in your life anymore.


You will learn to relate in an authentic and empathetic way with others, and what is essential; with yourself.


  • You will gain much more confidence in yourself and in the way you interact.
  • You will attract the right people to your life.
  • You will develop a broader sense of yourself: more flexibility, respect, and compassion towards yourself and that will be extensive to your environment.
  • You will lead your emotions.
  • You will go out from repetitive patterns in your relationships

Let them tell you their experience

Free yourself from limited perceptions
and be the authentic maker of your life!!
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