Let’s start connecting: Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit

The Essentials

We will make it simple but powerful to get access to your inner tools!

Improve your quality of life with these tools

Breathing Exercises for Transformation

This course is based on mindfulness techniques and pranayamas used in the practice of yoga. It is made up of: Three practical videos. A PDF with…

Breathing is more than life for your cells; it will become one of the most significant sources of the emotional support!

Price: 20 Euros

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Open Awareness (OA)

This transformative crash course is made up of: 30-minute video led by Open Awareness specialist Rachel Basset A Workbook.

Any belief, regardless of how true it is, guides our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors on a daily basis. Thus, I like to help you to dis-identify from aspects of yourself which have the potential to limit you. Through the powerful tool of Open Awareness, you will des-identify from any limiting belief you may have about yourself.

Price: 17 Euros

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4 pillars that will increase your quality of life



You will earn a greater
psychological stability:
Less stress and Anxiety



Will increase a lot
your flexibility and you will tone
your body. Your body has the answers


Will increase your
mental clarity



You will find your
purpose of life

Let them tell you their experience

Free yourself from limited perceptions
and be the authentic maker of your life!!

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